rainy days and root beer pies

what do you do on rainy days?

i was out last night. tried out a bar in santa monica and had the second best cocktail i’ve ever had. i’d never heard of a Boulevardier. bet i could make one nearly as good. i met a colleague and friend i hadn’t seen in, wow, maybe eight years or more. i enjoyed catching up! at any rate, i woke up feeling copacetic, and the rain seemed to amplify that somehow.

i took a long bath. long enough to read half an adolescent novel i picked up. i was listening to Boy George’s “Cheapness and Beauty” album, the only rock one of his i’m aware of. he sings, “sorry about your life. sorry about your face.” not sure how funny he means it.

i donned some rain armor and walked to the supermarket for baking supplies. tonight i’m going to take my third crack at inventing root beer pie. i’m not nearly the kitchen chemist i wish i was. my mom thinks it’s hopeless, but i figure it can be done. any advice appreciated–i want something respectable in time for thanksgiving!

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  1. pmorin Says:

    Errr… I hate to be callous, but have you done a Google search for Root Beer pie?

    There are definitely some out there. May be worth seeing what they use to keep things firm as you continue to tread your own path.


  2. davidicus Says:

    that recipe indicates flour, but doesn’t list it as an ingredient! weak sauce. here’s the deal:

    root beer pie v4


    1 1/2 C flour
    1 C brown sugar
    1/4 C butter


    whip two egg whites with 1/4 cup of brown sugar


    1 (9 inch) deep unbaked pie shell
    3 eggs, beaten
    1 cup white sugar
    1/4 cup melted butter
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 cup root beer reduction
    1 T cornstarch

    boil at least half a liter of root beer down, at least an hour. might be a little over a cup’s worth. mix a little cold water with the corn starch, then mix the slurry with the root beer. microwave for a minute and mix again.

    beat the root beer, eggs, sugar, butter, and vanilla together. pour it in the pie shell.
    cook at 350 F for at least an hour. a knife will penetrate and exit clean.
    mix the topping ingredients and spread over top about 30 min in.

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